Back Pain


Back Pain

Don’t suffer with back pain in silence. Whether it’s new or something that has bothered you for a long time; here at Activate Physio we have a wealth of knowledge and experience at treating a range of back pain complaints and can help equip you with valuable tools to not only improve pain but make you a stronger and more robust version of yourself!

Back pain is very common and is something that affects up to 80% of the population at some point throughout our lives. It can often be extremely debilitating and can make the everyday task seem impossible. Back pain can vary dramatically from episode to episode and can present a multitude of different symptoms, from pain within the base of your back, radiating leg pain to a loss of strength and sensation. This can occur because there can be several different structures around your lower back and pelvis that can be the cause of your back pain.

As all presentations of back pain are unique, it is crucial that you get a thorough assessment to identify not only the symptoms but the true causes of your pain. This will enable you to get started with a personalised rehab programme that is just right for you and will help you get back to full fitness.

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Client Testimonials

SJ's wealth of experience and genuine passion for his job is his biggest asset, coupled with his ability to forge a relationship with a client on a professional and a personal level. He found a solution to my long-term lower back problems, not only by treating the symptoms but finding the root cause of the issue. It allowed me to continue my career as a professional rugby player with the Newcastle Falcons and I will always be grateful that our paths crossed.

Carlo Del Fava

BBC Sport, Former Italian International

After becoming injured earlier in the year I came to Activate Physio for help. SJ quickly isolated the issues and provided a programme of exercises to correct imbalances that had caused the problems. This enabled me to resume training quicker than expected with stronger and more efficient form. I would highly recommend Activate Physiotherapy to anyone in need of professional sports treatment.

Lucas Longman

Heaton Harriers

Having both coached Andy as an athlete & then worked alongside him as a colleague, I can't recommend his services and knowledge enough! He is a true professional and gentlemen to work with and always makes sure his service is of the highest standard. Having a team of international and Olympic athletes to cater for, I only use the best in the business and that is what you get with Andy!

John Trembley

USA Olympic Gold Medalist Coach

As an international and Olympic athlete I set my expectations very high when working with coaching and medical staff. I thoroughly recommend Andy Thirlwell to anyone looking to gain and edge in their sporting performance!

Barry Murphy

2012 Olympian, European Silver Medalist

I highly recommend Andy Thirlwell. His knowledge & expertise are world class. Working with Andy will take your sporting performance to the next level along with improving your over all health!

Ryk Neethling

2004 Olympic Gold Medalist & World Record Holder

SJ is a great Physio. I've known him for years, and can highly recommend him. Obviously passionate about his profession, he is hard working, conscientious, encouraging, and positive. If you want first-class treatment with a smile, SJ is your man.

Euan Murray

Former Scotland International